Kesaksian Biodisc di Berbagai Negara

Berikut ini adalah beberapa kesaksian manfaat penggunaan Biodisc di berbagai negara. Meski disampaikan dengan bahasa Inggris yang terkadang ‘seadanya’ para penulis kisah ini memiliki kesamaan yaitu kesamaan semangat untuk membawa kabar baik bagi penderita berbagai penyakit bahwa ada jalan alternatif untuk mengatasi berbagai penyakit dengan cara yang alami dan lebih mudah bersama Biodisc. Kesembuhan kiranya dari Tuhan semata.

“I started this wonderful journey in 2009. The Amezcua Chi Pendant was my first purchase. The way the Chi Pendant works is absolutely amazing, particularly in today’s hectic lifestyle where we are exposed to all kinds of pollution. However, after wearing the Chi Pendant over a month, my immune system is stronger and enhanced. I become more energised. I later purchased the Amezcua Bio Disc for my family and they really love it. The breakthrough technology of the Amezcua wellness products are proven to bring a positive effect on its user’s health and well-being. It is something that can be explained scientifically; however, you should experience its tremendous benefits by yourself and share your testimonial with your family and friends. I recommend you to regularly check your Virtual Office so that you can get updates on the special promotion of QNet products. Don’t miss your chance to grab one for yourself.”(Dhanesh Gopalakrishnan, India)

Julie Ying (SINGAPORE):

I bought Biodisc because of my breathing problem.  They said the disc can create energy and can maybe help me solve it.  So I bought one and tried it.
One day while sitting down and reading my newspaper, I suddenly felt very uncomfortable.  I couldn’t breathe and so I used the disc and placed it on my chest, slowly feel better.
I drink the Bio water everyday and place the disc under my bed every night.  When I wake up in the morning my body feels very light & fresh.   I also had backache and skin problems.  During the night when I sleep, my skin always felt very itchy.  Now, my backache problem is much better and my skin no longer feels itchy and has become smooth.  Also my breathing problem has been solved.
I can feel it improving my health. Thank you. (21.08.2006)

Esson & Dugi Tupolam (PAPUA NEW GUINEA):

I was very excited when I received my Biodisc, as I couldn’t wait to bring it to my husband’s village and help many sick people there. Finally me and my husband got there & many of them were so thankful that we have given them the biodisc water. Many people who couldn’t walk for the longest time, now they are walking! And able to for very long journey! Some of them willing to walk 4-5 hours to our house just to take the Biodisc water.

And me and my husband also treated a man who was blind with BioDisc, now he started can have a slight, blur vision! It’s Amazing! Everyone is
really grateful and Thankful. THANK YOU!

Dr. Amany (SUDAN):

I am a physical therapist working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and got to know of the BioDisc. I started to use the BioDisc before and after my sessions with my patients. I have seen great changes and improvements to them! A great device!
Testimonial (1) – Child Reading Disability.
My own son who has reading disabilities is now using the Chi Pendant. He is 10 years old and unable to recognise the alphabets.
I let him wear the Chi Pendant day and night and now especially while I am teaching him, I see great improvement in him. I’ve also tried it on a 18 year old student who is now able to obtain 80% marks. His mother just could not believe it!.
As a mother and also in the medical field of rehabilitation (therapist) for 17 years, I cannot express my happiness when I achieved new results I obtained from using the Chi Pendant. It’s worth millions to me.
Testimonial (2) – Paralysis.
My patient is a 3 year old boy who is paralyze and speechless since birth. After giving him BioDisc energised water to consume for about 14 days, I started giving him physical therapy sessions twice a week. What the boy has achieved by drinking the BioDisc energised water is stunning:

  1. He started calling him Mom and his elder sister by name.
  2. After 15 session of therapy he started kicking his Mom when he’s agitated.
  3. He can now say full sentence like ‘Give me milk’ and ‘I want my toy’.
  4. He stopped having constipation problems.

He can sit down more than 10 minutes by himself without being aided.


Why did I buy this Bio Disc? I bought it for my mum to use
Because both my mother’s legs get cramps every morning and her palms are always cold like ice. She always gets a sore throat and ulcers in her mouth. She doesn’t like to drink water because she doesn’t like the taste of the water.  Every night her skin feels itchy and she will scratch herself.
After using Bio Disc for 2 months, she doesn’t feel her legs cramp as often.  Now her palms feel warm and she doesn’t get sore throats and ulcers in her mouth. She now drinks a lot of water everyday because she finds that water tastes better and her skin doesn’t feel itchy anymore.


There are many sick people in my area, many of them have skin problems because of the quality of the water which contains lots of toxic because of metals. I prepared FREE Biodisc in front of my house, everyday many people come by and fill up their water containers after seeing a lot of improvements.

Bella, Papua New Guinea

I have a neighbour, her little boy was very weak & pale, with a big stomach. Every four months need to see doctor to make sure he has enough blood. And after taking the biodisc water, now the boy has became more active & healthy, his stomach is now flat!

Another young man who were crippled & couldn’t even sit up straight, after drinking Biodisc water, now he can sit straight up without any help and he started to walk with crutches!

Prem Nath Chopra (INDIA):

Thank you very much from me and my family to the creator of the BioDisc. I suffer from asthma, high blood pressure and a slight heart problem and have been drinking BioDisc energised water for a year. I now enjoy a happy life without any trouble. BioDisc has alleviated my sufferings and I now offer BioDisc energised water to needy people to assist them in their health.

“If you are looking for a way to improve and harmonise your energy levels, one product I would recommend is the Amezcua Chi Pendant. Why? Here’s the story.

“One day I had a long business trip and I was wearing the Amezcua Chi Pendant to find out if there would be any difference. I was amazed to see myself focussed and energetic during the enitre trip, even when I reached the hotel very late at night. The moment I took off the pendant and lay down in bed, I fell asleep immediately.

“The nature of my job is very demanding. I have to travel to many different offices, talk to different people, and hold numerous presentations. My colleagues once looked at me with wonder and asked: ‘How do you do it? You seem to be a highly energetic guy who can do different things at the same time without any stress or fatigue.’ Before this, I used to get tired easily from working hard, and now it’s a completely different experience. I love my Amezcua Chi Pendant so much. I never go to work without it anymore. My wife also uses it, but in her case, it’s because it protects her against electromagnetic fields when using her mobile phone.” (Asyad AI Saleh, Saudi Arabia)


Ainul Arina, Malaysia

My daughter is 10 years old and is a slow learner. She can recognise alphabets and even pronounce the syllables but not able to say the entire word. Needless to say her mental development was slow as noticed during her childhood, she only started to speak at age three.
My whole family drinks BioDisc energised water including her. After about a month of drinking BioDisc energised water, she asked to buy her a comic. She usually just ask for colouring book or candies. The next day, she almost finished reading the comic by herself. Not only does her Bahasa and English improved, her reading of the Quran (Arabic) has also progress well all simultaneously.

Ainul note…

Recently, she wanted to go to a camp. However, I felt that it was not suitable for her and rejected the idea. She was utterly and totally disappointed and she went to bed. Later I found that she left a note for me on my computer. It says “Dad, please allow Kak Lang go camping, please?”. It was the first time ever that she had composed a paragraph. My tears fell when I read the note. I was overwhelmed with joy and sadness!.
Joy that she is now able to read and write (although not as well as a child of her age) and sad that I have scolded, pinched, bang the table and say words I should not have said about her reading disabilities.


I am pleased to extend and share my experience on using bio disc for the last couple of weeks. The disc actually purifies the water I drink daily & enhance the taste significantly.

Mabel n husband

As a result, I feel more energetic and less tired compare to the past. Out of curiosity, I applied my skin care on the disc in a small circular motion before applying it on my face, and was thrilled to see the immediate effect on my complexion after 3days. My skin now feels smoother, softer and more hydrated.
Thanks to my husband for purchasing the disc and think, it is really worth to purchase another one for my personal use.

Anthony Vergel De Dios (PHILLIPINES):

Testimonial – For the whole family and neighbors.
We have been using the BioDisc for 4 months now and we have noticed that within that period my children’s health improved a lot. Cold and cough only took 1-2 days – before it took one week to recover from. The BioDisc become our first aid to migraine, toothache, stomachache, burns, cuts, allergies, and frozen shoulders.
We have 2 neighbors with cancer who tried drinking the BioDisc energised water and both of them felt alive and strong. Before they felt helpless but after drinking the BioDisc energised water and using the BioDisc for 30 minutes every day, they can now do work at home and can live normal lives.
After hearing this testimonies from them, I can definitely say that the Biodisc really can help your family and friends, it is a very effective alternative medicine.

Christina Aw (SINGAPORE):

My son used to have exams phobia. He can’t sleep well at night and according to him, he felt very nervous and his brain would usually blank off when he received his examination paper. He would request me to buy him essence of chicken during examination period. Also he have sensitive nose, at one period. Once he started sneezing, he would sneeze 5 to 6 times continuously and large amount of mucus will flow from his nose. However, after drinking energized water by the Bio Disc, all the above problem were gone. Now he sleeps well, can concentrate better during his lessons and feeling very relaxed while taking exams. Surprisingly, his results have improved. That’s the amazing power of Biodisc energized water.

Maebel Santos, Bahrain:

My name is Maebel Santos. I am a mother of three kids. I am a Civil Engineer and a Certified Nurse by profession. I am an expat working here in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
I would like to share with you how I lost 30 pounds in 90 days. This is a true-to-life experienced of my own self.
It all started one fine afternoon, while I was sitting in front of the mirror and looking at myself and so disappointed with all the fad diets that I have tried still nothing happens.

Before using Biodisc, 175 pounds

I am still fat, weighing 175 lbs and very lifeless.

I am a chronic asthma patient and I gained so much weight because of the steroid content of my medication. I tried almost all kinds of diet but none of them works. I tried to mixed diet and exercise but because of my too hectic schedule of my work because I am an engineer at the end of the day I don’t have the enough energy anymore to have a good exercise but rather all I want to do is take a rest and sleep immediately.
Until one evening a good friend of mine introduce to me an amazing products that really has help me a lot in attaining my goal in loosing weight. He just gives me a simple explanation about the said products saying that it can increase my energy level and with that I got curious about them.
But at first I was very hesitant to use the products because if you look at them they are just ordinary things. Then I told myself I will not loose anything if I will use them.
Then one Thursday night I decided to run the very first test on using one of the products – the Bio Disc. I stayed up so late and slept at around 3am and turn on my alarm at 5am. I put the Bio Disc underneath my pillow. I had a good sleep then at 5am I woke because I’m planning to go jogging, I was surprised that with only 2 hours of sleep I feel so refresh and no head ache at all. Still I am not convinced, I prepared myself for jogging.
And while I was jogging I felt a different kind of energy in me then I increase my speed and started running, still I have the power to go on. When I finished my exercise I sat down and started thinking of what kind of disc is this Bio Disc and why it gives me so much energy.
So I started doing my researches about these one of a kind things. I found out that these products has lots of benefiting factors such as increasing the oxygen level in the blood, harmonizing the body’s rhythmus, enhances the immune system and enhances the energy level of an individual and a lot more.
As I go on with my daily activities and using these 2 products (Bio Disc and Chi pendant), I myself cannot believe, working the whole day, drinking green tea only, little amount of food sometimes I just eat fruits and biscuits.

After using Biodisc, 143 pounds

At the end of the day I still have the energy to go to the gym for 30 minutes then run outside for 1 hour and after my workout I still don’t feel any exhaustion so I always ending up staying so late at night. And I only have a maximum of 3 hours of sleep every night.
Months passed by with the same routine too much work, less food, green tea drink, 1 to 2 hours of exercise, attending lots of meetings and presentations of the products and a maximum of 3 hours of sleep a night, still my energy level is as high as the sky.
All the energies I need to sustain all the pressures from work, from dieting and strenuous exercise and less hours of sleep were all supplied to the maximum level.
These amazing products – the Bio Disc and the Chi Pendant really made a big difference in my life. The kind of energy that they are giving me really is so amazing. I cannot stop myself in sharing my experiences in using these products. They both do wonders in me.
They help me loose weight by supplying all the energies I need and I also noticed that my asthma doesn’t attack me anymore though I run around a dusty area.
Now after 3 months, my weight drop from 175 lbs to a stunning weight of 143 lbs and still dropping. My asthma is gone as well.
Until now I still find it hard to believe but it actually works. I highly recommend these to everyone.

Smitha Krishan (KENYA):

Testimonial – Severe Migraine.
I suffered from severe migraine attacks for the last 16 years and the attacks would be accompanied by vomiting. Even one sip of water and I would throw up. I was always pulling on my hair!. I suffered from sever migraine at least once a week. The only way to get rid of it was by taking injections. The doctor adviced my mom to make me stop going for the jabs as eventually, it would lead to kidney failure.
Due to my migraines, I had also developed a sever case of VERTIGO!. I went for my first course of medication and the vertigo did not go!. Then I started drinking Bio-water!! In a day my VERTIGO was gone!
Ever since I started using BioDisc for the last 10 months, I have not suffered from migraine attacks. Now I can travel without my load of tablets or the fear of an attack. Thank you BioDisc.


I have a mother with swollen stomach and leg, she can’t even walk and she’s almost die, I gave her the bio water and now she’s happy and walk around telling people and her husband will soon be joining the business and purchase Biodisc.

Josepha joined in because of biodisc, she saw the effect of the biodisc.

I have my little daughter, she was so skinny, I want her at least to put on some weight, she’s six years old. When I got my biodisc, I make her water for one week. After that, I can see that she started to eat plenty and now she starts gaining weight, most people believe it! even the Asthma people are healed!!

Larisma (INDONESIA):

Larisma was having her recurrent problem, persistent stiff neck and backache due to her routine work as a secretary with a lot of distressing tasks and assignment at a growing private company when she paid a visit to her friend. There she was served a cup of biodisc energized water without knowing what it was. To her surprise,  she felt relieved only after 15 minutes…….She was  very happy, not only because of the instant effect, but also knowing that she would not need to see her  GP  and physiotherapist anymore, and of course….. less money for medication from then on…


Puan Azizah was bitten by a centipede at 4:00 a.m. It was an adult centipede measuring 6″ long with bright red body. With no medication or ointment nor 24 hours clinic nearby, her husband poured non-alcoholic perfume onto the BioDisc and then applied it to the bite area. To their amazement, within 10 minutes, the swelling subside and the pain diminished.


I had just undergone for an implant on my third upper premolar tooth earlier in the day. It was a 2 hours minor surgery with 4 jabs and eight stitches to close the gumline. My whole face below the eyes was swollen to double its size. I could feel the swelling and numbness.
My dentist gave lots of painkillers and antibiotics for me to take to bring down the swelling. When I got home I just sprayed BioDisc energised water all over my face. I also used the BioDisc turning it counter clockwise over my face. Amazingly after 1/2 hour, the swelling subsided and the numbness gone. I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort unlike 3 months ago when I had a tooth removed, I had to take painkiller as the extraction was painful.
This time, I did not take any painkillers or tablets that night so that I can show my dentist the wonders of BioDisc and the energised water the next day.

“Many people often asked me why I look so healthy and energetic. I’ll share with you my secrets.

I was invited by my friend to the QNet family. She shared with me a story of the Amezcua Bio Disc and Chi Pendant. Before this, I felt very tired. But after using the products, I found that my life changed a lot, both physically and emotionally. Before going to work each day, I never forget to put on the Chi Pendant and drink energised water treated by the Bio Disc. I’m now much healthier. I bought ten sets of the Bio Disc and Chi Pendant for my husband and my friends so that they could also enjoy the wellness benefits. ” (Juliet Remero Cruz, The Philippines)

Mr. T. Ramakrishnan (KL, MALAYSIA):

Rubbing the BioDisc over my knee anti-clockwise 10 minutes three times daily and drinking at least 6 glasses of BioDisc energised water has helped in the followings :
1. Previously injured knee is as good as the left knee.
2. Diabetic & pressure medication dosage reduced 50% by my doctor.
3. Don’t need to use reading glasses anymore. Power used to be 125/125.
4. 70% increase in memory.
5. Back to bathing cold bath after 5 years of hot shower.
6. Although 62, I feel like 42 and go about doing my job like 32!.

Arthur Apuli (USA):

I have been diagnosed with having hypo-thyroid and lost weight of more than 5 pounds every week. Lot of medications have been taken to control it but nothing seems to work. A family friend who had one extra bio-disc lend it to me to energized water that I drank with my medication.
To my surprise, my vomitting stop, appetite got better, my energy and weight came back up in a week. I already own a bio-disc for my self, my children and for my wife who is in medical field working long hours. This is A great buy and I highly recommend it for everyone!!!

Mr. Richard Tay (MALAYSIA):

Meet our testimony giver who will testify that using BioDisc will give you radiant and youthful look. Richard initially used the BioDisc in the morning by turning it anti clockwise towards his face to keep him awake. His daily 20 minutes’ routine had a side effect. The BioDisc turns him younger!.Guess what’s his age. Look left for answer.

Florence Koh (SINGAPORE):

My sister’s name is Koh Geok Eng. She has been suffering from many illness such as high blood pressure, diabetes, dry skin, varicose veins, body aches and obesity for more than 20 years (previously around 95 kg and now reduced to 80kg after taking slimming pills prescribed by doctors, for the past six months).
On 7/8/06, I visited her and made a few pails of Bio Water for her to drink and bathe in, preparing quantities enough to last her a week. When I made my 2nd visit to her on 16/8/06(9 days later) to make more Bio Water for her, I saw the following results on her.
1. Her skin was not so dry.
2. Co-incidentally, she had a severe headache during my 2nd visit so I used a torch with strong beam light to shine on her forehead and the top of her head in an anti-clockwise direction.  After around 10 mins, her pains subsided. Thereafter, she asked me to treat her varicose veins pain on both her thighs. I used the above method to shine around 10 minutes on each of her thighs.  Gradually, her overlapping veins were loosened and the pain was relieved.
I feel that Bio Disc can help the above ailments and would like to share its benefits with everybody. (21.08.2006)

Jakana Muwendo (UGANDA):

I drink BioDisc energised water and no longer have to eat a banana or pawpaw every meal to avoid constipation.
My mother is 81 years old. She has been having difficulty waking up in the morning for prayers. After I gave her one of the two BioDiscs I bought, I heard she was tending her field around the homestead. She last did this a little more than ten years ago. Thanks to the BioDisc.

Jenny Chow (SINGAPORE):

Below is my testimonial of using Bio Disc.
1)  I have sore throats almost every week.  However, after drinking the bio water the pain has lessened.
2)  I have dreams every night.  After putting the bio disc under my bed, I am getting better sleep, although I am still having dreams.
3)  I was carrying heavy files and sprained my left wrist.  After a day, I felt the pain, I remember Ivy saying, after using the bio disc, that the pain on her wrist had been reduced.  So I used the same method of moving the disc in an anti-clockwise direction and within five minutes, I didn’t feel the pain anymore.  Until now, two weeks later, I don’t feel the pain unless I press on my wrist.
4)  My skin has become smoother after drinking the bio water.
5) Sometimes when I have shoulder or neck aches, I will use Bio Disc, turning it in an anti-clockwise movement and lightening the pain.
6) Normally I feel tired, with little strength, when I wake up in the morning.  However after taking a bath with bio disc, I feel more energized.
7) I poured the Bio water into a bowl of green plants and surprisingly, the color of the green plant became greener than it used to be.
8)  When I drink coffee with the bio water, the taste becomes smoother and better. (06.09.2006).


Melky suffers from kidney failure and has been  undergoing some haemodialysis process TWICE A WEEK within the last year. It is an unpleasant experience; tiredness,  breathing difficulty,  sleepless during the night, measured liquid intake, lost appetite, water-passing difficulty, and a number of various side effects…. It was just a coincidence when her sister found out about Bio Disc and purchased one and started his theraphy using energized water. It took only TWO WEEKS to see the progess.  The whole family was surprised to find out that he can now sleep well, no breathing difficulty, has regained appetite, and obviously stronger (he can climb up the stairs, which was quite impossible to do before)….and a lot more improvement. Thanks to Bio Disc !!!!


Eyoi was frying burger in a wok. He was about to turn the burger over when it fell onto the hot oil and it splashed onto his face. Dad & Mom weren’t home and no medication was available. For 30 minutes, Eyoi used the BioDisc circling anticlock wise towards his face stopping only to rest his tired hand until parents came home.
Dad bought ‘sea cucumber’ lotion and it was applied after one hour of the incident. At this juncture, no swelling or blister occurred. After a week, Eyoi’s face was back to normal WITHOUT any scar.

Jiraporn Pavitpok (SINGAPORE):

I, Jiraporn Pavitpok would like to share with you about the Bio Disc. It’s really a miracle.

1) Can make hair softer after shampooing. My son, 17 years old is so unhappy with his hair texture.  It’s hard and stiff like a brush. The hair stylist recommended him some hair cream to apply but this didn’t work.  Now he bathes with the Bio Disc water everyday.  He notices that his hair is softer and easier to style.  Three weeks later, he went to see the same hair stylist. He’s also very surprised to see the changes.
2) Can make you love to drink water more.  My daughter, 13 years old, hated to drink plain water because it’s tasteless.  I explained to her that Bio Disc water is energy water that can enhance the taste and make her skin smooth and radiant. She believed me. After drinking the Bio Disc water, she asks for more. She said the water tastes so nice and feels like it drinking more and more. Now, her face is very fresh, less pimply, more shiny and has a healthy look.
3) Can make you feel fresh after washing your face.  When I wake up in the morning. I still feel sleepy.  I wash my face with Bio Disc water and suddenly, I feel fresh and have energy to work.
4) I bathe my pet rabbit with the Bio Disc water. Oh! I get the same result. Its fur is so soft and very nice to touch.
It’s unbelievable! It’s a miracle!

Mr. Francisco (SPAIN):

Francisco suffer pains when he eases himself due to kidney stones. He went for alternative treatment but did not recover fully. After drinking Biodisc energised water, the pain disappeared and he experienced greater vitality.
His girlfriend who is a nurse experience leg pains due to her nature of work. After undergoing numerous therapies that did not help, she decided to drink BioDisc energised water. Her pains are now gone and she feels better than ever.


Leni suffers from severe asthma which is often  triggered by various simple things: walking short distances, going up the stairs, excitement, allergy to sea food, allergy to fur and feather and others. After using Biodisc, her suffering is so easily reduced, she simply  spins the biodisc over the chest and it is always a quick relieve… Now, she never leaves without home without her Bio Disc.
She also often suffers from frequent headaches and migraines.  Her headache was relieved only after two or three spins of Bio Disc near the head, and migraine was gone  by drinking a cup of  Bio Disc energized water.

Annie Koh (SINGAPORE):

My name is Annie Koh.  Previously, I had very dry, wrinkled, saggy skin and also large patches of dark-brown pigmentation on my face, arms & legs.
Although I had the above problems for more than 5 years, I didn’t want to waste any more money on health and beauty products to treat them as I had already lost faith in those products.  Some time at the end of June 06, my sister bought a Bio Disc and started to make Bio Water for me to drink and bathe with daily. After using the Bio Water for around 2 weeks, I noticed my skin was less dry and wrinkled.
Before I knew about Bio Disc, I had been seeking treatment from western doctors (4 times) and chinese physicians (5 times) for more than 3 months for throat pains and bad coughs but my condition did not improve much even after so many treatments. When I started to use Bio Water at the end of June 06, I was still on Chinese medication so I took the medicine with Bio Water. About one week later, my throat pain was gone and my cough condition also recovered a few days after.
Due to the amazing results in just two weeks, I decided to buy a Bio Disc. Up-to-date, I have used the Bio Disc for almost 3 months.  The dark-brown pigmentation on my face, arms & leg have been lightened and the patches have also been reduced in size. My skin is not so dry and wrinkled and its tone is more even and less saggy now.
In addition to the above, my sister told me that I snored very loudly when asleep. She had tried for a few nights placing the Bio Disc under my bed to prove its effect. After half an hour, she noticed that my snoring had been reduced to just breathing sounds. I am so glad that this Disc solved my embarrassing situation when I am on tour with my friends.
The Bio Disc has had fantastic results on me so I eagerly want to share my testimonial with all the users.

“I have been with QNet for the past three and a half years. I have been using the Amezcua Bio Disc for about three years now, and the Amezcua Chi Pendant for two and a half years. Both products are absolutely amazing and awesome. I don’t go anywhere without my Amezcua Chi Pendant primarily because it’s a source of energy for me. I get a lot of energy and feel very active during the day. Prior to using the pendant, my energy level seemed to drop very fast, and by 2 or 3 in the afternoon I was always tired, despite taking vitamin supplements. Once I put on the Amezcua Chi Pendant, I started feeling more active and more positive, even though I have a very hectic schedule.

“In addition, we have been using the Amezcua Bio Disc. For the last three years, our kids have been drinking only energised water treated with the Amezcua Bio Disc, and they are so much more healthy and energetic now than they were before. I also put the Amezcua Bio Disc in my refrigerator to keep my food fresh and to enhance the quality and taste of food and water. In addition, we are using energised water treated with the Amezcua Bio Disc for some plants in our farm, outside Bombay in India. I noticed that the lime trees grown by energised water are much taller, greener, and stronger compared to other lime trees in the next spot that didn’t receive water from the Amezcua Bio Disc.

“Another product that I’ve been using is the Amezcua Energy Shell. Taking a shower with enhanced water through the Amezcua Energy Shell really makes me feel fresh and energised. We also use the Amezcua Energy Shell on the farm, attached to the water pipe that irrigates plants on the entire farm. I’ve noticed the quality of the fruits is higher. For example, our bananas are heavier and sweeter and don’t have that bitter or sour taste that you normally get. “I think these products are really amazing. I would definitely recommend them to everyone that I meet! (Michelle Desai, India)

Ms. Amlia (INDONESIA):

This miraculous Bio Disc helped me and my family a lot especially when my aging father once had a stroke. He was then admitted to the hospital and the doctor alerted us that my father would need to be hospitalized for quite some time, probably a month or so. Having a piece of Bio Disc, I tried to use it to help him recover. For four days I took him out under the morning sun dan turn Bio disc counter clock wise over his body for about half an hour. It really worked !!! The doctor was stunned to see him move his body on the fifth day and  finally  released him from hospital on the 10th day. You know what the good doctor said? THIS IS ONE OF A MILLION CASES…….

Jasmine Foh (SINGAPORE):

My name is Jasmine Foo. I heard about Bio Disc at the end of June 06 but I didn’t believe that that small piece of glass could do the wonders as stated in its pamphlet. During one of the gatherings at the end of July 06, I met a few friends whose had been using the Bio Disc. I noticed tremendous changes in them.  Their skin was not so dry and dark pigmentation areas were lighter. They also shared their other benefits with me. I then decided to buy the Bio Disc to benefit my family.
On 1st of August 2006, I started to use the Bio Disc. After using for more than six weeks, the obvious benefits for my mother and myself are as follows: –
My Mum’s Testimonial
1) Her skin is not so dry and her dark brown spots/patches on her face & hands are getting lighter in color.
2) Once she complained about headache.  So I used the torchlight and rotated at around the Bio Disc in an anti-clockwise direction at the affected area. It took only 5 minutes before she said the pain had subsided.
My Testimonial
1) After using it for 2 days, I noticed that a lot of mucus (very watery type) flowed out from my nose whenever I sneezed. This situation occurred continuously for a few days and since then, it has not occurred again. I am glad that Bio Water has also improved my immunity, as I did not get flu since then, as compared to the past, which was almost every few weeks.
2) I had constipation problems for many years. Before using Bio Water, I could usually clear my system around every 3 days. Now my constipation situation has abated and the faeces are in a much healthier form.
3) In the past, I drank coffee every morning and had the urge for coffee again in the afternoon. After using Bio Water for around few weeks, I noticed that I don’t urge for coffee again in the afternoon as I don’t get tired so easily.
I am glad to make this wise decision to buy the Bio Disc as it has improved my mum’s and my long existing problems. As such, I hope our testimonials will help others in making their decisions early to gain its benefits.

Lilian Chua (SINGAPORE):

During the launch of the Bio Disc in May, I went to KL with one of my down lines.  After seeing the demo of the Bio Disc by Ian Lyon, I was doubtful of the effects and had many questions about the claims.  Many of my down lines who went to the launch were also doubtful of this new product and vouched that they would never believe in this ‘piece of glass’.
However, Thomas happened to buy two Bio Discs and let me have one to try.  I started to experiment with this new product, energizing all my drinking water and also sleeping with it under my bed.  I realized that I was no longer drinking coffee in the afternoons to keep myself awake anymore.
Previously, I usually felt very tired in the afternoons and would have to drink coffee to keep me going through the day.  I used to drink 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day and very often had severe headaches and migraines due to stress.  I had to go for a massage once every month.  However, after drinking Bio water for two weeks, I started to notice that I no longer had headaches and migraines as often and need not have to go for body massages any more since May. I started to share the goodness of the Bio Disc with my down lines and encouraged all of them to buy and try this wonderful product.  They trusted my recommendation and bought the Bio Disc to try and all of them ended up very happy with the results.
I continued to experiment using the Bio Disc with vegetable and found that it removed the smelly chemical smells from vegetables, especially broccoli.  I used Bio water to cook rice and found that the leftover rice didn’t turn bad even when I had left it overnight without putting it in the fridge.
The Bio Disc also helped my complexion.  The pigmentation on my skin seemed to lighten due to improved blood circulation and the generation of new cells.  My skin seems younger and firmer now.
I placed my hair dye on the Bio Disc when coloring my hair and found that my scalp didn’t itch as much as it used to because of the chemicals from the hair dye.  Usually, my head would itch for one week after I coloured my hair.  Also I find that even without using any conditioner for my hair, the colour does not run or fade.  My hair is also softer and smoother.
Once, I injured my toe.  It was very painful as the toe bones were injured.  I used the Bio Disc with the torchlight to help disperse the blood clot and was surprised that the bruises caused by the blood clot totally dispersed the next day.
When I apply my foundation on the Bio Disc before I put on my make up, I find that my foundation stays the whole day without getting patchy, as my skin is very oily in nature.
I strongly recommend the Bio Disc to everyone and think you will be surprised with what this ‘piece of glass’ can do.

Mrs. Simatupang (JAKARTA, INDONESIA):

Mrs Simatupang an elderly lady aged 72 years,  was diagnosed diabetic more than 20 years ago and has had various  ‘ever-lasting’ complication of  accompanying problems such as eczema, high blood pressure, cholesterol, uric acid.  She also had some sleeping problems with pains and frequent water- passing during night time. After around  A WEEK of  therapy using bio-disc energized water, an amazing progress was soon revealed…She is now much healthier with minimum medication and controlled symptoms; controlled blood sugar level, normal blood pressure, normal cholesterol and normal uric acid level, and certainly least expenses for medication…….Now, no day without   energized water. She also was made possible for cataract surgery; something which was not possible to do before her blood sugar level was lowered.

Rev. Marcus (INDONESIA):

After a traffic accident, I was suspected to suffer from a BRAIN TRAUMA when I injured my head. I was unconscious after the incident and was taken to the hospital. I vomited a lot, felt pains in my head and strong dizziness when I had  movements. The medication did not help me to sleep and I was in pains and I could not sleep not until a neighbor sent me some Bio Disc energy water. It did not take me long to doze off  and I really slept well and soon regained my stamina. I was only hospitalized for several days, and I am now back to my routines. Thank you Bio Disc.

Sayalee Sawant (MUMBAI, INDIA):

Regarding my Mr. Dilip Rane  Age-62 years, had 2 Heartattacks in early 90’s. Advised him to  do a Bypass Surgery,but he refused and complained breathlessness even after short walk, climbing stairs
He then started with Bio water in June 2008, Now after 4 months, he feels much better and able to climb 4 stairs(lives on 4th floor & no lift facilities)without any discomfort & his stamina level has increased.
Investigations Report:
2D Echo in2006 – LVEF was 45-50%
2D Echo in 2008-LVEF was 70%(after uses of bio disc)

Melani Soesiawatie (Indonesia):

I’m really happy using Amezcua Bio Disc since I get many benefits from it. I’d like to share my experiences because I feel I have received a blessing from God. The first time I knew about Amezcua Bio Disc was when I was at the V-Conference in Malaysia on April 2006. Honestly when I heard the presentation in the conference room attended by 2,500 people, I didn’t really understand it. I was honoured to be invited to the small 3 hour-briefing. After that, I start understandingthe root cause of why people get sick easily. I went through the demo also and I decided to buy Amezcua Bio Disc.Why did I buy it? Just a simple reason. I have 2 sons, 8 & 3 years. They often get the flu & cough when their friends at school have get it. After that, it’s my turn to have that “sweet disease”. As a result I have to go to the doctor & spend around $30/person, equal to $90 for 3 persons. As I always say, ‘getting sick is very expensive’. If I buy this Amezcua Bio Disc for $370, I can use it to maintain my family’s wellness and health for 15 years …. It’s really cheap. That’s why I bought it at the V-Conference in Malaysia.I got back home and used it to treat my drinking water everyday. I always bring it in my bag. When I have lunch or eat at the restaurant, I always treat my beverage as much as I canwith Amezcua Bio Disc. (It becomes an energy beverage). After 2 weeks I got amazing results. Here it is:1. I always have problems after doing exercises on the treadmill. I always feel dizzy, sleepy and faint (which I’m not expecting) after my exercise. That’s why I’ve stopped exercising for years. But after I drink energy water, I never feel dizzy, sleepy or faint anymore. I feel fresh & well after exercising, until this moment.2. One day after doing exercises, as usual, I continued with swimming. Again I stayed feeling fresh after swimming and didn’t feel tired. I realized it when I took a bath.3. Another improvement. Usually, I always feel tired and faint after driving for a whole day. But now, after drink energy water everyday, I stay feeling fresh.That’s the amazing improvement to my body. I feel that the immune system of my body is getting better & better.I strongly suggest to everybody to use Amezcua Bio Disc if you really care about your own health and wellness and if you really care about your family’s wellness & health.As I always say GETTING SICK IS REALLY EXPENSIVE. Hope my experience will be a blessing for everybody.

Meena Rajkotia (MUMBAI, INDIA):

My Mother in Law  Age. 80Yrs.
has congestive cardiac failure. had severe breathlessness, could not walk a single step. But after I started keeping 4 bottles of bio water in 4 corners of her bed & was changing the water daily.A miraculous change in 8 days, she could walk started eating, feeling energetic. She is much better in health today. I could avoid her hospitalisation.
Amazing- my relationship with my S.I.L has  improved so much since, I am taking care of her mother well !

Parul Shah (MUMBAI, INDIA):

My husband Ashwin Shah Age.47Yrs.
has diabetes and hypertension- 17Yrs. Diabites in the range of 220-240 (fasting)
Started with kidney damage in feb 2008 his creatinine level was 8 & was hospitalised, doctor suggested Dialysis imm. Started with bio water in the hospital. (with the help of  Meena Rajkotia) in 2 days creatinine level started coming down. Presently his creatnine is 3.3 and not on Dialysis, his diabetes is 114(fasting). After this incidence I became an IR in QN. Leading a good life today because of biodisc !

Odine Idemusia (LAGOS, NIGERIA):

“I started using bio disc in 2007, I couldn’t walk long distance before, now I can walk very long distance without panting. My immune system is boosted since drinking energised water. I no longer go to treatment for malaria. I no longer fall sick again. I no longer take any drugs. I am very strong and healthy now. My children’s immune system is boosted. They no longer fall sick easily as they used to be. Going to the hospital is the thing of the past now. Bio disc is also very good for my fuel . I energise fuel at the filling station and it gives my car engine good efficiency and good mileage. The bio disc is very good, I thank Dr Ian for this great product.

The biz aspect of Questnet is very good. I had an experience with Nahco where I worked for 15 years 6 months, One day my boss told me I was terminated for doing nothing. Since I was laid off in 2008 I take this business very seriously. My vision in this busienss is to be an independant business owner, to be my own boss. Questnet has laid a system for us. Gengold, my team, has been very supportive. They have been coming to Nigeria to help us build this business. I see myself in the next few years will be a very big person in this biz and somebody to be reckoned with in Gengold.”

Krishnakumar (MUMBAI, INDIA):

Hypertension- 24 yrs. was on tab. Valent 80 once daily & Amlopress AT once daily. his BP would shootup to 160-170/ 110-120 if he missed his medicine a single day. Also his liver function(SGPT) increased because of Valent tab. Started using biodisc since 1 yr. Now he is only on tab. Amlopress AT. His BP now 130-140 /90-100. (see:

Lucia Frutuoso (Brazil)

In December of 2004, I was admitted for a surgical process, apparently simple, but due to a medical mistake, I got the risk of having cancer cells spread out on all my organs. In April of 2006, after some alternative treatment and a change of medical team, I was admitted for conventional surgery. It took me 60 days to recover, but the doctors decided, for prevention, that I should take 6 sessions of chemotherapy. So, each 21 days, the sessions took place. After each session comes muscle pain, sleepless nights and crying with pain. I could not explain from where or how came these pain. I had to take strong medicines due to the pain and to get sleep.At a QUESTNET meeting, my husband knew about all the wonderful benefits of Amezcua Bio Disc and told this to me, but I could not appreciate it well because I had tested so many products before. Thank God, my husband believed in it and bought two Amezcua Bio Discs. He arrived home with such a beautiful box as it was the most precious jewel that someone could receive. We started the tests, placing the Amezcua Bio Disc under my mattress. I could sleep all night long, without medicines and without pain. My husband put the other Amezcua Bio Disc to energize a big bottle of water. I started to use Amezcua Bio Disc on my back. From then on, I, who used to drag myself around with pain on my legs before, could now use high heels, walking normally without pain, I have my skin ruddy, with an excellent look. Today, drinking energized water, I am free of nausea and heartburn and I can eat better. My family and friends are so surprised with the changes in me. I AM ANOTHER PERSON …

Ms Evelyn, Selangor (Malaysia):

I had just undergone for an implant on my third upper premolar tooth earlier the day. It was a 2 hours minor surgery with 4 jabs and 8 stitches to close the gumline. My whole face below the eyes was swollen two double its size. I could feel the swelling and numbness.

My dentist gave lots of painkillers and antibiotics for me to take to bring down the swelling. When I got home I just sprayed BioDisc energised water all over my face. I also used the BioDisc turning it counter clockwise over my face. Amazingly after 1/2 hour, the swelling subsided and the numbness gone. I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort unlike 3 months ago when I had a tooth removed, I had to take painkiller as the extraction was painful.

This time, I did not take any painkillers or tablets that night so that I can show my dentist the wonders of BioDisc and the energised water the next day.

Bila Anda memiliki pertanyaan seputar Biodisc, silahkan hubungi salah satu dari Qnet Team and Friends di sisi kanan artikel ini.

I am a physical therapist working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and got to know of the BioDisc. I started to use the BioDisc before and after my sessions with my patients. I have seen great changes and improvements to them! A great device!

Testimonial (1) – Child Reading Disability.
My own son who has reading disabilities is now using the Chi Pendant. He is 10 years old and unable to recognise the alphabets.

I let him wear the Chi Pendant day and night and now especially while I am teaching him, I see great improvement in him. I’ve also tried it on a 18 year old student who is now able to obtain 80% marks. His mother just could not believe it!.

As a mother and also in the medical field of rehabilitation (therapist) for 17 years, I cannot express my happiness when I achieved new results I obtained from using the Chi Pendant. It’s worth millions to me.

Testimonial (2) – Paralysis.
My patient is a 3 year old boy who is paralyze and speechless since birth. After giving him BioDisc energised water to consume for about 14 days, I started giving him physical therapy sessions twice a week. What the boy has achieved by drinking the BioDisc energised water is stunning:

  1. He started calling him Mom and his elder sister by name.
  2. After 15 session of therapy he started kicking his Mom when he’s agitated.
  3. He can now say full sentence like ‘Give me milk’ and ‘I want my toy’.
  4. He stopped having constipation problems.

He can sit down more than 10 minutes by himself without being aided.


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